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What to expect ?

About us

We believe in the disruptive potential of blockchain technology and its related applications - we have been experiencing for several years a groundbreaking shift induced by Web3 that will revolutionize all activities as we know them today including education, art, work, communication & marketing etc.,

However, before being an ecosystem, Web3 is first and foremost a new ideological paradigm reshaping the way traditional brands conceive and interact with their audience by emphasizing the concepts of decentralization, community, ownership, governance and value sharing.

As a pioneering one-stop-shop transformation catalyst, Enephtys supports those brands in their Web3 exploration providing its unique ecosystem of services and stakeholders.

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Enephtys works closely with ambitious clients to identify and unlock new growth opportunities leveraging the Web3 ecosystem potential

From idea origination and initial training, empowering your teams with key fundamentals on blockchain-related products

To the operational end-to-end management of your Web3 projects, connecting you with our exclusive network of top-notch partners

Passing by best-in-class strategic, tax and legal consulting services dedicated to steer your decisions

And premium marketing campaigns including crypto PR, flagship sponsoring opportunities and influencer relays

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Don't anticipate the future. Create it.

Web3  Training          Strategic consulting services          NFT Drop          Metaverse Experience        PR & Marketing services

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  • Twitter - Cercle blanc
  • Instagram - Cercle blanc
  • LinkedIn - White Circle

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Paris, France

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